What is LacQrd?

LacQrd is a start-up nail salon services company focused on bringing nail salon services directly to customers.  We were founded in 2016 by 2 business women who wanted a more convenient way to get their nails done.

Our Mobile App:

LacQrd connects nail technicians with the customers who want service using our mobile application.  Customers download the app, select a service, enter their address, and pay all within the app.  If you’re logged into the technician app and closest to the customer, you’ll get the request.  Once you confirm, the customer will be notified.  Arrive at the customer’s location at the time they specify and give them a great manicure or pedicure service.


75% commission on all services you provide plus 100% of customer tips.  Payments are made weekly via direct deposit.  We'll also give you a free LacQrd shirt, LacQrd tote, and LacQrd waterproof table mat just for participating!


Cost To Participate:

None.  There is no cost to participate.  We only ask that you dedicate a few hours a week or more to be logged in to the app and available to take customer appointments.

Responsibilities & Duties:

  • Provide mobile nail salon services:  Manicures, pedicures, spa pedicures at the customer’s home or office
  • Provide specialty nail salon services:  UV/LED Gel application and removal, foot bath/foot spa pedicures, salon treatments (callus removal, sugar scrubs, moisturizing, masks, hand and foot massages), nail art design, etc.
  • Maintain an adequate supply of tools, equipment, and products in order to provide nail technician services for customers (if you are missing tools, equipment, and products, we may be able to assist you)
  • Log in to the mobile app when you’d like to receive customer requests and log out when you don’t
  • Arrive on time at the customer’s location
  • Provide an amazing experience!


  • State License & Insurance - Proof of state required nail technician or cosmetology license and insurance is required.
  • A Smart Phone - Since all appointments are booked and confirmed using the LacQrd App, you'll need access to the app to check yourself in and available to take appointments. We'll make sure you only get appointment requests within your area when you're available.
  • Reliable Transportation - You must have a reliable form of transportation. You'll be driving from customer to customer and you'll need a good form of transportation so that customers aren't left waiting. As with any car, you must also possess a valid driver's license and insurance.
  • Tools, Equipment, & Supplies - As an independent nail technician, you must have your own tools, equipment, and supplies.  In order to perform pedicure services, you must have a portable foot bath with removable liners, in order to perform gel services, you must have a UV/LED lamp, etc.  If you need extra products like a portable foot bath, mobile supply case, or UV/LED lamp, we can help.  We are offering an equipment loan program for trail participants only.  See Details
  • Criminal Background Check - To ensure the safety of our customers and technicians, we ask all participants to pass a criminal background check.  A criminal record does not necessarily disqualify you from participation.  We evaluate all records on a case by case basis.

If you would like to speak with someone prior to registering, please email us at:  jobs@lacqrd.com